Classic Bookshelf

Classic Bookshelf

Save and re-publish your web page on the internet. The book now appears on your own web page. Have a look at the book and play around with the fonts and colors. Close the book and it offers to send you a bookmark by email. The email links back to your web page. Follow the link and this time the book will open at the same page you left off. Fonts and colors are remembered too. It looks and behaves like this one on the right except the emails it sends link back to your own site.

You work hard to build your website traffic. Our simple bookmark email mechanism reminds visitors to come back to your web page. Try for yourself and see how powerfully our bookmark emails can guide visitors back. Remember, it’s free.

You may host as many classic books as you wish. However, you should only host one book on each web page.
It is important that you only host books on web pages that have fixed addresses and don’t already have a query string. Bookmark emails we send to your visitors contain your host web page address followed by a query string. We use the query string to provide the bookmark, font and color settings.
What are query strings? Look at the address for this page, the query string is the bit after the question mark shown here in green.
Our books work using Java applets. Most browsers, nearly 100%, support them. The above code in your web page tells a visitor’s browser to fetch the java applet from here. The applet knows which book to open and fetches the words from this website too.
A very small number of users disable Java in their browsers. They will be unable to read your hosted books unless they re-enable Java. Others access the internet through proxy servers which interfere with the way our applet works. They will not be able to read your hosted books either.


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